Kingdom Hearts vs Alchemy
Kingdom Hearts vs Alchemy

Kingdom Hearts and Full Metal Alchemist's universe collide after a cosmic event in space. Now the universe's are fighting each other out of fear of one another. Who will win??? (note: Sora,Riku,and kairi in the forum never existed)
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 Hikaru (Kingdom Hearts)

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PostSubject: Hikaru (Kingdom Hearts)   Hikaru  (Kingdom Hearts) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 9:53 pm

Name: Hikaru

Hikaru was dragged into the kingdom hearts world when his world was being destroyed by the heartless. The keyblade chose him and opened the door to a whole new experiance. after going world to world exploring and fighting heartless he found out his friend survived and not only that but his friend also was a holder of the key that unlocks hearts. after a dispute on which side they should be on they fought against each other. His friend ended up stabbing him with the key and was turned into a heartless, but at the sight of his friend smiling opened up his memories and turned back to his original self.

like this
Hikaru  (Kingdom Hearts) Kingdo10

Age: 14

determined, usually in a good mood, always helps out his friends or those in need

Stats(stats 1-100, max starting is 15)


Strength: 14
Magic/AP points (if any): 10
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Hikaru (Kingdom Hearts)
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